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Parawood 1993 Co.,Ltd has been established since 1993 and located in Lampang Province. (the Northern Part of Thailand) where is well known as a major source of wood carving products; ceramic products and Antique products. We have around 200 skillful workers in the factory.

Our wood products are designed in various styles which are suitable for kitchen and household. We have various kinds of woods in production such as Rubber Wood, Acacia Wood, Mango Wood, Palm Wood, Teak Wood and Plywood. We can make to the customerís design as exclusive products.

Most of our products 70% are exported to European countries; and 20% to America and Canada and 10% to Asia and Africa. Our capacity is around 10x40ft containers per month.

We are proud to supply the customers with good quality; special price and reliable delivery. Please contact us for more details.

Wood Care and protection
Our wood product has been coated with a protective lacquer to enhance the natural beauty of the wood. To clean, wipe with a damp cloth and allow to dry naturally. To preserve the appearance, wipe occasionally with a soft cloth moistened with vegetable oil. Wood is a live product that appreciates care. Do not soak in water.

Knowledge about Rubber wood
The scientific name is Hevea Brasiliensis Muell. Arg. The common name in technical literature is Pararubber wood. The main purpose of growing this Rubber Tree is to produce rubber. The Thai Government strongly supports to promote to plant the Rubber Trees around Thailand, especially in the South of Thailand.

After 25 years, the rubber tree will be cut down as it is too old to give a good quality of rubber, the tree will be supplied to the wood industry to produce the wooden ware. And the trees will be replanted.

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